It’s Not Just The Inner Critic 

Inner Critic- negative self talkIt’s not just the inner critic ,ya know.


Fxcking with you from inside your head I mean


There’s the inner doubter- immediately attacking your ideas as soon as you think you have a bright one 


What about his close sibling the inner skeptic- “you’re not really that sick” “you’re doing that for attention”.


The inner justifier- making you feel as if everything you do need a medium-length essay explanation for every step you take. It’s as if it was arguing with the inner doubter in there. 


Back and forth- forth and back.


The inner distractor needs to go sit down somewhere too- running off getting excited about everything in sight. Let him team up with your inner startler and your whole day can be a clusterf$ck of starts, stops, and redirections.  He does tell some awesome stories though… like the one about rabbit that hopped into the patch and went wandering down a… ooops… went down a rabbit hole there.


The inner taskmaster finds that particularly irritating when I do it. 


That’s just s few of them and each one has its own temperament, triggers, and ways of relating with you and each other. Each has a message that it thinks is the most important and thus deserves top-volume full-breathed announcements. They compete and collaborate. They form alliances and enemies.


So imagine how you look going in there arguing with the inner critic while everyone else is standing around feeling unheard, ignored, and overlooked.


Good luck getting that peace of mind by criticizing the inner critic.  







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