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Transcendence Group

Collaborate with a group of like-minded seekers on a journey to transcendence

One-on-one Transcendence

A twelve-week intensive where we find and transform the beliefs, mindset, and habits keeping you from transcending the limitations of your personal narrative

Dr. Mani Speaks

Whether it’s in person or live by video, Dr.Mani brings innovative ideas, inspiration, and strategies for moving your team or group. He presents on topics from mental wellbeing, to hypnosis, to transforming your life through your personal story and internal voice.

Trust and Confidence

Collaborate with a group of like-minded seekers on a journey to transcendence

Connectedness and Wholeness

Collaborate with a group of like-minded seekers on a journey to transcendence

Peace of Mind

Collaborate with a group of like-minded seekers on a journey to transcendence

Your inner voice is waiting to guide you.

Your authentic self is just a call away.

As an overachiever I know you’re the kind of person who wants to be challenged and continue to improve while maintaining your sanity.

In order to be that way, you need a guide working closely with you to help you have your inner voices be aligned and focused.  The problem is that you have so many plates spinning already with all of your current commitments.  There’s no way you can make room to add another practice or learn another system which makes you feel stuck with a critical, overthinking inner conversation.

We believe that after you have sacrificed so much and worked so hard to be as successful as you are that you deserve to feel a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. You should be able to focus on the challenges at work with no overthinking self doubt, or imposter syndrome keeping you from being in your zone.You have earned true rest and recreation without guilt or that nagging negative self-talk. 

I understand.  Way after medical school and my psychiatry residency I still had my habits of thought that kept me from resting. Really resting.

That’s why, after decades of studying psychology and designing coaching processes, I developed Master Your Inner Conversation. Using a combination of clinical strength mental tools, Hypnosis, NLP and other methods and feedback from thousands of people I’ve found the most effective way to make your inner voice your friend.

Here’s how it works.  You Schedule your initial call.  We meet and come up with your personal process for mastery.  I hold you accountable and keep you inspired with weekly implementation checks and guidance, Your relationship with your inner voice is transformed.

So schedule your call now. So you can stop being distracted by self doubt, derailed by self sabotage, and nagged any time you stop to breathe and start living your life present, confident, focused, with a sense of satisfaction.


Plan Your Shift​ 4 Steps

Plan Your Shift

  1. Schedule Your Call
  2. Attend From Anywhere
  3. Discover Your Transcendence Strategy
  4. Begin your transformational adventure.


Dr. Mani is a genius when it comes to the intricate operations of the mind. He used his expertise in this area to help me get past some cognitive hurdles I faced at one point with mental detours I never knew existed.
Wendell Bobb, MD
I came to Dr. Mani to help with workplace anxiety and overall confidence. Working with him we identified my toxic work environment, found me a healthier one with better pay, and improved my ability to navigate difficult situations.
LaTaya Keene, MD, MBA
Through his years of practice and dedication to self improvement. Dr. Mani doesn’t just offer a service he is giving a labor of love.
Nuekellar Hardy

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