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Customer Testimonials

Wendell BOBB, MD

Dr. Mani is a genius when it comes to the intricate operations of the mind.  He used his expertise in this area to help me get past some cognitive hurdles I faced at one point with mental detours I never knew existed.  Relaxed and easy to talk to, Dr. Mani uses a mixture of tried and true with avant-garde techniques to help dismantle unhelpful thought patterns and rebuild a sturdier framework of your better self. He is full of empathy and wisdom, and I strongly recommend him if you need help getting unstuck and back to being the expression of greatness you were born to be.

Catherine H Toomer, MD

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Lataya Keene, MD

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Nuekellar Hardy

Through his years of practice and dedication to self improvement. Dr. Mani doesn’t just offer a service he is giving a labor of love. I was a bit worried about having someone “mess around in my head”. I asked him, ”are you going to have me barking at the moon or chasing rabbits?”. To which he replied, “Only if you want to no judgements here.”After a few jokes and him offering some of his experiences in life he was able to assure me I was all good. He offers his expertise through empathy and understanding which are sure to ease any worries you may have when seeking therapy. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for the any type the therapy