It has been at least 4 years since I have built a game, even longer if we’re talking about building a game from scratch. My last developer contract had me mainly customizing and skinning games on an existing framework- It was all slot-machine game development so as far as creating 3D worlds and such…not so much.

As I sit here and think even more deeply it has been even longer since I actually stepped into building a 3D world.  Yeah… I had moved my way into positions where I was managing teams of developers and dealing with the business development aspect of bringing games into the universe. I feel like somewhere in that process it became so much more about work and money and marketing…and investors, and strategy, and competition.

I lost the joy of going from a crazy idea late at night that I wanted to see out in the world with my friends enjoying it.  I used to get exhausted and stressed just thinking about programming towards the transition to my marketing and coaching and copywriting part of my life.  Life benig as it is and software development being as competitive as it is I lost sight of what mattered.


With this post I declare that I’m back to f*cking around in virtual worlds.  I don’t intend to do this in any professional capacity- nah.  I’m out of that race.  I’m here damn near therapeutically,  I learn better and it means more that way.  I just downloaded Unity, if you know my history you know that has been my favorite game engine and game developer community since back when it was on version one.  I used to heavy blog about it when ActionScript and Flash were all the rage for developing stuff.  Ahhh Nostalgia. 

I thought it would be good to return to blogging on my own site the same day that I returned to tinkering with Unity since it was getting lost in writing code and building virtual worlds that I have gained the most traction writing over the years.  I guess a part of me kinda hopes my old buddies show up to geek again.  It’s a new era and I feel super OG though.

Anyway.  Welcome to Unity Day 1…cycle 2.