Every once in a while I like to hop on for a few days in a row and explore one concept.  Often what has gotten in the way for this spontaneous creativity for me is a sense of stuckness.

Whether it’s because what I want to share is something I’m still a little uncertain or possibly even still raw about or something that I know all of my cultural conditioning is urging me to dodge and leave as taboo sometimes the stuckness gets the best of me.

I decided that since it comes around every few days anyway I might as well explore it.  It’s a good opportunity to think through the processes I use to maintain a layer of productivity when underneath, in the moment, stuff may be feeling like I’m plateauing, stuck in a loop, or frankly just losing my shit.

This series is recorded as a stream of consciousness around these ideas.  My intention is to come back at some point and organize and explore some of the ideas that remain salient later.

For now, Welcome to Asylum.  Please Enjoy the Getting Unstuck with Dr Mani series.